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Moving Forward in a way that feels right

What I know to be true is that we can ALL move forward and it doesn’t matter if the pace is a slow walk or a gallop ahead. Allowing ourselves space, encouragement and looking for what is right is SO important.

Its six in the morning and I am sitting with my 11 year old son at our dining room table. He is doing his Grammar homework. This is the boy that last week wouldn’t do this very same homework. He received a note from his teacher and still….no matter what I tried or said he was adamant that he was not doing it. This was really hard for me as no matter what I said or tried he was not budging. This morning he is finishing it after starting last night with his Dad’s support.

This makes me realize time and time again that sometimes we cannot push things. Sometimes we need to take a break or give some space. We need to see what’s lying underneath, understand the person in front of us, what drives them, what is meaningful for them? What is keeping them stuck? Once that is found, then finding a rhythm and moving ahead can be easy.

This is what gives me hope. Knowing and believing that anything is possible, when you believe and you invest in what is important.  And remembering that its not only the results (the homework done) that is important – but also the PATH chosen.

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