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Preparing for a family holiday – what’s important for you?

In my coaching session with Karen Alon I chose to be coached about my upcoming holiday where I am going to be visiting my parents in South Africa. I will be traveling together with my fourteen year old teenage daughter, my eleven year old son and seven month old baby. What came out of the coaching session is that I want to be conscious of each child’s needs, really listen to them, a chance to get closer to my children, know them even more and give each child some time with me alone.

At the start of the coaching session I myself did not know what I wanted exactly. I expressed the desire to plan more and not to let things be too spontaneous. Spontaneity comes naturally to me and this is my default way of behaving. This means planning very little. As you know everything in life his its benefits and disadvantages. The disadvantage of waking up each morning on vacation and then going with the flow is that you can land up doing very little and spend a tremendous amount of time in front of the television. Adults may read, many kids are really good at reading the subtitles on TV shows. Although I must admit my eleven year old does love reading books. I realized that I wanted to plan with each child and see what each wanted to do while we were away in addition to the usual going to restaurants, movies, shopping and of course seeing animals. What also came up was being aware especially of my teenage daughter who will be away from her friends and knowing that this would be a challenge for her.

I will use this time away to spend time with each child alone and communicate with them. My son wants to take some swimming lessons which he has not done in a while, my daughter wants to horse ride. We will do a bit of the usual and maybe some new things. What’s important for me is not so much the doing but the BEING. How will I be with each and everyone?

I encourage you to think about your Passover or Easter holidays and what’s important for you during this time.  Do you need to plan ahead for something to happen? Organize something? How do you want to BE?

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One Response to “Preparing for a family holiday – what’s important for you?”

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    Thank you for this post.
    Holydays time can be tricky, thinking ahead and planning ussualy helps me.
    This Passover we are Flying to Thailand for a Family trip. It has been 5 years since the last one and I felt it was time to refresh the bonding between the girls (21,17.10).
    We are soooooo looking forward it!
    Happy Holydays!

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