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How prepared are you to change?

Life is a forever changing.  How set are you in your habits and ways?  How prepared are you for stepping out of your shoes?

What made me write this blog post tonight is that I not literally but physically stepped out of my shoes this afternoon when my shoe platform came away from my shoe whilst walking on the pavement.  So if you can imagine me hobbling along with one high platform and another flat shoe until I made the decision to get a bit dirty.  Now you have to understand that I have a fetish for clean feet!!!  I overcame this and decided to enjoy the freedom of walking barefoot.  I consciously chose to feel the warmth of the road beneath me from the baking sun and it was truly a weird feeling that I actually enjoyed this and my walk even changed into a slight swing.

We can feel liberated by unexpected occurrences that challenge us, when we go with the flow rather than clinging on to the old.  Embrace change!  Renew yourself.  Do something small that is different then what you would usually do.  It may even be driiving a different way to work, or choosing to by a new color shirt that you usually would not wear.  I know that I take calculated chances but do step out of my shoes pretty frequently and especially so out of curiosity to see what will be.    We can do this also when we feel fear gripping us.  We can hold on to that fear or try moving with it and you may be just walk a few more steps and leave that fear behind you.

By Sam Amit

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