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How Top Leaders Deliver Presentations - Part 1

By Samantha Amit at The Center for Development and Leadership

Part 1 – Planning Your Story

Top leaders know that there are two critical sides to presenting. There is the content that you present and the way you do it. This article is about planning a first class presentation for your audience .

Think about the STORY you want to portray to your audience - Why are you telling this this?   In Planning an effective presentation, consider your TARGET AUDIENCE. Once this is established you can define the PURPOSE of the presentation and what the THREE MOST IMPORTANT POINTS you want to convey. Your story and presentation should CAPTURE the audience’s attention, and find the right balance of the amount of detail required.

Who are you delivering your story to?

When you are presenting you are creating a story you want to tell. You want to captivate our audience, keep their attention, and create relevant value so that your story will be effective and remembered.

Your audience may be internal for example Sales, Support, or Development, and your audience may be external: Customers, Sales or Support Partners, Investors, Analysts, Media.

Ask yourself these questions about your audience?

  1. Who is going to be listening? What is their role and position?
    If it’s the Customer – what is the role of the person in the organization.
  2. Why will they be there?
  3. What in your opinion is most important to them? What will be most valuable to them in the time you have?

What is the Purpose?

Why are you presenting and what is your story? You want to get your story across effectively, and leave the audience with usually around three most important points.

Ask yourself when planning the presentation:

  1. What would be the most successful outcome?
  2. What are my main points I want to deliver?
  3. Are others presenting to the same audience? Where am I in the order of presenting and how is my presentation relevant to the others?

In Summary

There is much to be learnt about planning, creating and delivering THE Effective Presentation. Consider and plan your presentation according to your Audience, the Purpose and Content.

  1. Who are you delivering your story to?
  2. What is your main purpose?

Part 2, 3 and 4 will include more tips on creating and delivering first class presentations

Samantha Amit is passionate about helping managers and teams to be at their best. She uses a combination of methods depending on the client and the business goals. She is founder of The Center for Development and Leadership, working closely with leaders , managers and teams in international organizations. Each organization like each individual within is unique so the systems and ways of working with the organizations and management are vast, robust and creative.

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