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Stopping for a Mindful Pause

I am writing this in the hope that you will find this beneficial, and may make a huge difference in your work and life.

Mindful Pause

Mindful Pause

What is a Mindful Pause?

We are so busy at work and in life.  We go from task to task very busy doing - yes we should be called human doings instead of human beings.

The acronym STOP can stand for:

S - Stop and be still

T - Take Notice

O- Options

P - Proceed

Let’s see how we integrate this STOPing into our daily life as a transitional pause between activities. Give ourselves a minute of breathing space before we continue.

This is what you do:

Download a recording:  mindful_pause_in_your_day

In between activities STOP for a minute or two

  • Put your phone into Airplane mode
  • Try to switch off any notifications, close your door, try to set yourself up for a couple of minutes of silence
  • Sit on a chair with your feet on the floor
  • Place your hands gently on your lap/knees
  • Look down and if you may close your eyes
  • Ask yourself:  What is my internal landscape like right now?  What thoughts are present?  What do I feel?  What sensations do I feel in my body
  • As you notice your internal weather right now simply observe without judging, analyzing or trying to change anything - be the observer
  • Take notice of your breathing perhaps you may want to put your hand on your belly and notice the in-breath and out-breath.  Again we do all this without any effort, rather simply just breathing in breathing out, breathing in and out and simply observing
  • You may want to expand your awareness to the room and your entire body and breath in and out.  Perhaps you may be aware of sounds or noise nearby.  Whatever you notice is ok and simply be aware
  • As you come to the end of the short meditation you may want to thank yourself for stopping for these few minutes.  Its a time to nurture yourself and care for yourself
  • Before you open your eyes you can ask yourself : what is the most important thing that I want to do now when I open my eyes.
  • Open your eye’s and smile if you may - you are ready to move into your next moment

You may want to create yourself a reminder to do these pauses if you see that the day ends and you have not done this. Here is a recording for you to use during your first few times you do this exercise.  Use the recording initially so that you remember the guidelines.  When you become familiar with the guidelines my recommendation is to sit in silence for a couple of minutes without any sound (for example without the background water that you hear on the recording).  mindful_pause_in_your_day

If you notice something difficult that arises when you stop you are welcome to write to me about this or to seek help from a trained meditation teacher.

Stopping is an opportunity to be present and to understand more about what is going on within us.  It is one of the greatest ways to inquire and reflect and to learn about ourselves.   When you do this continuously you begin to notice patterns that reoccur.  These patterns can be opportunities for us to support ourselves to evolve and take action especially about the things we notice and want to change or improve. When we practice mindful meditation we bring curiosity and openness rather than judging what is there.  This openness can lead to self correctiveness of behaviours that we do not like with ourselves and it can give us the opportunity to acknowledge ourselves.

For those in the Northern hemisphere wishing you a happy spring season.  The flowers are blooming and it is a time for renewal and time of change.

Samantha Amit is a Mindfulness practitioner and integrates Mindfulness as one of her key approaches when coaching and training managers and teams to be at their best, to be present, and to reduce stress.   She is founder of The Center for Development and Leadership, working closely privately with leaders and with managers and teams in international organizations. Each organization like each individual within is unique so the systems and ways of working with the organizations and management are vast, robust and creative.

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