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60 day summer challenge

By Andi Shenker Saitowitz

And so ends the school year!

Well done and all my love for a healthy, peaceful and wonderful summer break.

I am taking on the challenge below. Feel free to as well.

Its Completely FREE!

Its Priceless in VALUE!

Who is up for the 60 day summer challenge?

All you need to do is every day for the summer months of July-August, grab a pen and paper. Start and finish your day with the following quick exercise….

It will only take a few minutes I promise but after 60 days you will have so much to be smiling about.

Start each day by completing the following 3 sentences:

Today I am grateful for….

Today I deserve….

Today I will show kindness by…

End each day by completing the following 3 sentences:

Today I achieved….

Today I learned that…

Today I am proud of…

You can do this privately on your own or publicly to inspire others. You can make your sentences about personal or professional goals, new habits, relationships, health, parenting, communication, hobbies - anything you choose! You can focus on personality traits you wish you develop, things you would like to change or things you would like to add to your life. You can make it about “being” or “doing”. You may even want to do it with your family, friends or partner or quietly by yourself.

Either way treat yourself to this daily ritual which promises to add meaning and joy to your summer. It really works. And what we focus on expands and we start to see more of in our lives. Instead of accentuating weaknesses, faults and difficulties, this challenges you to focus on the positive.

Excited to hear from you how its going. The key is not to miss a day. Feel free to share with family, friends, loved ones and co-workers.

Andi Shenker Saitowitz is a personal development coach and motivational speaker.

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