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How will you maximize your potential this year?

We all have many strengths what are yours? Do you know yourself well - really well to know where you are now and what you need to do to maximize your potential?

For us to maximize our potential we need to believe in ourselves.  Believe we can.  We need to have hope in our hearts and believe and act around that which is important for us.  My entire life I have always known that I get a high out of helping others.  This value of giving and helping has not always been in balance.  When my value which was also a stength was out of sync then I was “a pleaser”.  When I am a pleaser I forget to weigh up the consequences of saying yes to helping someone else.  When we say yes to one thing we are saying no to another.  What I am trying to describe though is that we can all be better people by discovering more about ourselves and making really small changes so that we can be at our best.

Yesterday evening I had the great fortune of being in Jerusalem for Slichot.  Slichot is the Jewish way of forgiving yourself and especially others for any wrongdoings.  We are on the eve of Yom Kippur (The day of Atonement) which in my understanding is the holiest of holy days where we Atone for our sins.  Yom Kippur is a  day of fasting where we pray for forgiveness and ask to be inscribed in the book of life.

Rabbi Meir Goldwicht gave us a talk last night at Aish Torah in Jersualem old city.  Just to be in the old city you may be able to imagine the energy that was present there last night.    Rav Goldwicht told a story of someone that was in great debt.   - Say a million dollars.  This person didn’t know how to pay back this huge sum of money.  His debt was weighing him down.   He had made mistakes and the money was now gone.  He went to his bank manager.  The bank manager sat with him and asked of him.  Come back to me with a plan of how you will pay back the money.  Perhaps you will commit to paying back only half and you will pay one cents every day for so many years but come back to me with a plan.  I wish we all had such great bank managers and while this may be unrealistic, the idea around it is to say that we can find a way to move forward.  G-d is like this bank manager, believing in us all that even if things look really gray (or black) we can find a way and this is what we can and need to do.   We are in the period of Bereisheit or Genesis in the Torah,  It’s the period of new beginnings, of forgiving ourselves and others for things of the past.   I understood that  Rav Goldwicht was telling us that all that  G-d wants of us is to try, to make the effort to maximize our potential as human beings.  To do this we need to be proactive, to make a plan - it can be even a modest one of paying one cents a day, we can succeed in achieving our goals and we can be better people this year.

1:06 am on 10 October 2017 or 8 Tishrei 5777.  Thousands of people have praying for forgiveness at the Western Wall or Kotel in Jerusalem.  The rooftop of Aish Torah in Jerusalem Old City.

1:06 am on 10 October 2017 or 8 Tishrei 5777. Thousands of people praying for forgiveness at the Western Wall or Kotel in Jerusalem. The rooftop of Aish Torah in Jerusalem Old City.

There is a saying that always resonates with me.  People who are dying speak about regrets of the things they never did.  They don’t talk about regrets of that which they tried and failed in, however that which we never did try.  We need to put our fear of failure aside.  We can overcome our fears with belief in ourselves - knowing our strengths and working together with others who can complement ourselves in areas where we lack - we can achieve so much more.  Now is the time for living.  Times are challenging, however I believe that they have always been so.  It is our responsibility to take ourselves each and everyone of us and to be the person we can be.  Each and everyone of us is a part of the entire universe and if everyone makes their best effort we are each contributing to making this a better world for everyone.

* In the picture together with my very good friend Luba Bar Sef who said to me as we walked into the old city.  “Every day I ask myself what can I move forward today?”

Mindfulness absolutely supports me in maximizing my potential.  It helps me to grow as a person by every day inquiring non judgmentally, with openness and curiosity into my thoughts and behaviour.  Click here to find out more about Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program.

Samantha Amit helps people to be more productive and resilient.  She integrates Mindfulness as one of her key approaches when coaching and training managers and teams to be at their best, to be present, and to reduce stress.   She is founder of The Center for Development and Leadership, working closely with individuals, leaders, managers and teams in international organizations.

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