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What to do when you think you are failing?

When we feel we are failing we may have emotions of frustration, anger, overwhelm, fear…It can be helpful to know that there are many stories about how peoples successes actually started as a failure. In leadership our mindset is everything. If our mindset is one of ruminating thoughts of failure, or worries about problems we may have, this will deplete us, and bring our energy down and stress levels rise.

There are ways of coping better with these negative thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness is a practice that can help us to identify our worries and troubles and to observe them as thoughts and give us the space to inquire into them and can be proactive about what’s next. #Mindfulness according to Jon Kabat-Zinn is paying attention on purpose in the present moment non-judgmentally. When we are mindful we also integrate a number of mindful attitudes. These mindful attitudes are part of the foundations of mindfulness practice. This is what makes mindfulness different from simply paying attention. This is because there is a particular way we pay attention.

Acceptance is one of those attitudes. Acceptance is towards ourselves, others and the situation. Acceptance does not mean we don’t want things to be different however it does mean that we want to accept the way things are right now in order to go on and move forward. In business it can mean to accept failure of something and to see how to be flexible and creative moving forward. An example of this is the company 3M who failed in creating a strong adhesive they were seeking. The company accepted this and in moving forward they turned what was initially a huge failure into what has become one of the most successful products - an adhesive to stick paper that one can remove easily. We know this top office seller as “Post It Notes” or sticky notes that you can put on to everything but that can easily be removed. This invention was initially a complete failure. The glue was supposed to stick fast.  Acceptance and moving forward by asking now what can lead to something different, can spark creativity and lead to innovation.  Listen to this audio on Mindful Acceptance

Short Exercise

When you notice you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by a problem or fear of failure

  • Stop and take 3 deep breaths
  • Try and identify your thought and ask if it is true?
  • Be gentle with yourself and accept the way you are feeling
  • Take another breath
  • Ask yourself now what?
  • Ask yourself who can help me?
  • Ask yourself what is the very next step or thing I can do?

In summary, we can manage ourselves and our interpersonal relationships much better when we consciously bring mindful awareness to the present moment of what we are thinking and feeling. #Mindfulness is a particular way of attending to our thoughts, our feelings and our experience. Here is an article on Stopping for a Mindful pause that can help you to bring mindfulness into your everyday work and life.

Samantha Amit is a Mindfulness practitioner and integrates Mindfulness as one of her key approaches when coaching and training managers and teams to be at their best, to be present, and to reduce stress. She is founder of The Center for Development and Leadership, working closely with leaders and with managers and teams in international organizations. Each organization like each individual within is unique so the systems and ways of working with the organizations and management are vast, robust and creative.

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