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I am continually developing myself, both career  wise and as a person.   I love working with people and learning from them.  I invest in new skills and knowledge, and do so on a daily basis.  I meditate every day to be more mindful, to improve my awareness and concentration, and to practice being non-judgmental.  I love working with good tools and technology.  I would like to share some of this with you through the information and exercises on my website and blog, and by recommending material, mentors and  links that may be helpful to you.  You are welcome to share this any of this with your friends.

During my coaching or training, I create a  space of awareness and clarity for you to connect with your  inner wisdom, intuition,  strengths and values.  When we do so we experience life fully moment by moment, with satisfaction, enjoyment and fulfillment.  

I attended the Adlerian School of Coaching in Israel and graduated in July 2006 .  Today I am privileged to be on the Coaching Faculty.  I  give workshops on Organization and Time Management at the Adler Institute.  I have an honors degree in Business Management  from the University of South Africa, and am a professionally trained Holistic Therapist and Reflexologist.   As you can see I am quite multidisciplinary and love experiencing and learning new things.

For the last 20 years I have been involved a multitude of management positions mostly in the area of  information and technology management.  I have worked for both start ups and big software companies and consultancies.  I spent ten years with Baan Company, a global enterprise software provider for medium to large companies.  When the development center in Israel closed down I decided to make a career change.  Today I integrate my passion for personal development and my work experience together in the coaching, mentoring and training that I do mainly in the area of being more productive, efficient and effective with less stress and pressure. 

I am founder of  Ask your coach where I work mainly with private clients both in Israel and internationally.  My clients are mostly  business or career orientated and also well-being or wellness.  

I am partner at U-Solve .  We work with global companies integrating methodologies and tools for greater collaboration.  One of the areas that I have a personal interest is virtual team work. I love the challenge of facilitating and training people from different locations and watching how it all comes together with the right investment, planning, collaboration, skills, tools, goals, measurements, communication and sharing!  We work with managers on leadership skills and competencies and teams to share knowledge, communicate more effectively, find the right balance and be successful. 

I would love to be in contact with you.  


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