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How prepared are you to change?

Life is a forever changing.  How set are you in your habits and ways?  How prepared are you for stepping out of your shoes?
What made me write this blog post tonight is that I not literally but physically stepped out of my shoes this afternoon when my shoe platform came away from my shoe whilst [...]

Entrepreneurial Moms Get Structure

As an entrepreneurial Mom with three kids, I find that organizing your day goes a long way.
Here is an idea to break down your day and get some kind of structure into your life even if it only feels like it.
You can take this basic structure and play around with it. It’s important to [...]

Preparing for a family holiday – what’s important for you?

In my coaching session with Karen Alon I chose to be coached about my upcoming holiday where I am going to be visiting my parents in South Africa. I will be traveling together with my fourteen year old teenage daughter, my eleven year old son and seven month old baby. What [...]

Life is full of choices - make conscious ones that are right for you

Every second of our day is about making choices. The choices we make are integrally related to our decision making. How aware are we, when we say yes, to the consequences of that decision?

I have a client who told me that she believed that she only had to say yes to the things she [...]


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