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How will you maximize your potential this year?

We all have many strengths what are yours? Do you know yourself well - really well to know where you are now and what you need to do to maximize your potential?
For us to maximize our potential we need to believe in ourselves.  Believe we can.  We need to have hope in our hearts and [...]

60 day summer challenge

By Andi Shenker Saitowitz
And so ends the school year!
Well done and all my love for a healthy, peaceful and wonderful summer break.
I am taking on the challenge below. Feel free to as well.
Its Completely FREE!
Its Priceless in VALUE!
Who is up for the 60 day summer challenge?
All you need to do is every day for the [...]

Stopping for a Mindful Pause

I am writing this in the hope that you will find this beneficial, and may make a huge difference in your work and life.
What is a Mindful Pause?
We are so busy at work and in life.  We go from task to task very busy doing - yes we should be called human doings instead of [...]

Do you have a morning routine?

When I ask my clients about how their morning begins the story may vary.  Many tell me that when they wake up and reach for their phone to check messages, emails, social media, and then have a cup of coffee.  We want to stay connected, feel like we are on top of our stuff, and [...]

Overwhelmed? How GTD can help you to renegotiate your commitments?

By Samantha Amit at The Center for Development and Leadership
How are you managing your work and life?
What systems do you have in place to support you? Do you have a self management productivity system that you trust? A system that can assist you to succeed in the everyday integration between work and life responsibilities and to [...]

How Top Leaders Deliver Presentations - Part 1

By Samantha Amit at The Center for Development and Leadership
Part 1 – Planning Your Story
Top leaders know that there are two critical sides to presenting. There is the content that you present and the way you do it. This article is about planning a first class presentation for your audience .
Think about the STORY you want [...]

How do you manage your time as a team leader?

By Samantha Amit at The Center for Development and Leadership
Are you managing or supervising a number of people together with having to manage your own workload?

How much time are you spending on managing your own workload?
How much time do you manage your direct reports?

This article is to help you build awareness around your team, and how [...]

What Top Leaders Do Best

Think of all the incredible leaders you know? Make a list. What do they do best? What competencies do they have?
Following a meeting with a manager this morning inspired me to write this post about how to build relationships. Being that Christmas is just round the corner… another question for you:
How may the annual office [...]

How to advance yourself and your business during this New Year

This year I found myself focusing with many of my clients on self management and how to be more efficient. Many people were looking for tools and ways to be more productive and to be more satisfied from the Inside-Out about what they were doing.
3 tips:

Plan the important things. We are often so busy on the urgent and we [...]

Now is the time for Living

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we need to put ourselves out there.  To be prepared to fall down and look stupid.  I had the priviledge of being at the 5th Adlerian Conference last week and participated in some AMAZING workshops.  One of them was with Roi and Raanana (I will get their [...]


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