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Getting Control – a habit worth forming is the Weekly Review

Weekly review = Control
So what’s this all about?
In my time management courses there is always a common denominator, managers are overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time. Getting your Inbox down to zero is something to dream about whereas in reality managers receive 200 or more emails a [...]

Time Management skills for creating and running Productive Meetings

In my experience in most Hi-Tech and Technology driven organizations too much time is spent in meetings. Managers complain that they don’t have time for working. I want to walk you through ways you can run more effective meetings in your organization. You will also learn how to focus your [...]

How to advance yourself and your business during this New Year

This year I found myself focusing with many of my clients on self management and how to be more efficient. Many people were looking for tools and ways to be more productive and to be more satisfied from the Inside-Out about what they were doing.
3 tips:

Plan the important things. We are often so busy on the urgent and we [...]

When there is not enough time in the day….

Have you ever felt that there just isn’t enough time in a day? That your task list is 10 miles too long? Then it may be time to start prioritizing. Focusing or prioritizing on what you want to move forward lowers stress and that helps you be more productive. If you [...]

Entrepreneurial Moms Get Structure

As an entrepreneurial Mom with three kids, I find that organizing your day goes a long way.
Here is an idea to break down your day and get some kind of structure into your life even if it only feels like it.
You can take this basic structure and play around with it. It’s important to [...]

Preparing for a family holiday – what’s important for you?

In my coaching session with Karen Alon I chose to be coached about my upcoming holiday where I am going to be visiting my parents in South Africa. I will be traveling together with my fourteen year old teenage daughter, my eleven year old son and seven month old baby. What [...]

How to Get Things Done – AND avoid distractions

Today there are so many distractions that it’s sometimes really hard to get stuck in and get work done. First of all an ideal setting is important. It may be in your office and it may be taking some time out to sit in a quiet coffee shop. If its in your [...]


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