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What to do when you think you are failing?

When we feel we are failing we may have emotions of frustration, anger, overwhelm, fear…It can be helpful to know that there are many stories about how peoples successes actually started as a failure. In leadership our mindset is everything. If our mindset is one of ruminating thoughts of failure, or worries about problems we [...]

How will you maximize your potential this year?

We all have many strengths what are yours? Do you know yourself well - really well to know where you are now and what you need to do to maximize your potential?
For us to maximize our potential we need to believe in ourselves.  Believe we can.  We need to have hope in our hearts and [...]

Now is the time for Living

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we need to put ourselves out there.  To be prepared to fall down and look stupid.  I had the priviledge of being at the 5th Adlerian Conference last week and participated in some AMAZING workshops.  One of them was with Roi and Raanana (I will get their [...]

This too shall pass

Have had a lousy week - a number of difficult days.  We all have them sometimes.  There are certain things that get me down and when this happens I notice that its hard for me to be positive and creative.  I get almost stuck.  What I tell myself at these times is what Lau Tzu [...]

Rosh Hashanah – Walking your true path

As Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year nears,  you may want to reflect on your life and your year.   How do you spend your days?  Do you live the life you desire?  Are you happy, fulfilled, and content? Do you experience inner peace?
If you had to stop for a moment and reflect on the happiest [...]

Walking your true path

Welcome to our new blog – yours and mine.   In this blog I am going to concentrate on areas which in my experience are the foundations of personal growth and development.  You can coach yourself to reach a higher self by practicing these base principles.   As a Life Coach to yourself you may want to [...]


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